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Switching to IMVU Studio offers several compelling reasons:
Superior product quality, an intuitive and smooth editor with extensive options 
that streamline your workflow, and faster submission times for peer review
compared to the classic platform. These advantages ensure efficient 
and high-quality creation processes, saving you time while enhancing your output.

Let’s start with 3 easy steps
We advice you to have the latest version
before to start and set the Render Scale (HiDPI) in preference at the best quality

At the end of the link of the products you have a code of numbers 67869049 this code is the derivable to use, copy it
(Each product have a specific code)

First Step looking for the derivable products

1. Open imvu studio and click on create on the top right side the yellow button

Second Step open and access the derivable product

2. a new page open there you put the code number in the large bar 
and choose PID click search icon, the product show up, 
On the right side down click on DERIVE Yellow Button

Third Step make the product ready

3. The products opened with 2 main parts.
The left side is parts of the mesh materials , click on each part 
to add the Textures and Opacity, showing on The right side
optional use composite Blend(used to apply transparence) 
and press PREVIEW to show the result
Nice done, enjoy your new creation
let us know if you have any questions or difficulties we will be happy to assist you
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